Lettea Mex Grill


Ricardo Flores had an interesting idea. He wanted to combine Mexican food, bubble teas and smoothies. You know, like every restaurant does. Originally, Lettea provided Asian inspired teas and appetizers until Ricardo Flores and his brother took over in 2013. Two years later, they bravely switched the restaurant’s menu to serve Mexican food instead of Asian food, alongside their teas and smoothies. With this unique menu, Ricardo says they can provide a variety of food to a large customer base. “We have customers that come in here religiously just for bubble tea. We have other ones who come in every day for their burritos.” Ricardo loves serving the people of Gwinnett and the diversity this county provides. “It’s very diverse and I feel like that’s what the U.S., in general, is known for: being a melting pot.” So whether you’re in the mood for a green tea smoothie or nachos, @latteamexgrill is the lunch spot for you!

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